Bamba Makia: Miss World Guinea 2023 Biography

Bamba Makia Miss World Guinea

Bamba Makia is a young and talented woman who will represent Guinea at the 71st edition of the Miss World contest in 2023.

She holds a degree in hotel management and marketing management and currently resides in Morocco. In 2021, she won the title of Miss Golden and was the first runner-up in the international Miss Jungle competition, which validates her selection as a candidate for the Miss World competition.

The 71st edition of the Miss World contest will be held in the United Arab Emirates, and Bamba Makia is excited to participate in this prestigious event. Representing Guinea is an honor and an opportunity for her to showcase her talents to the world.

She has expressed her gratitude to everyone who has supported her and invited the President, members of the government, private and public partners, and the Guinean press to support her candidacy.

Bamba Makia is known for her commitment, self-confidence, and exceptional qualities, including motivation, commitment, and patience. Her management team has announced that they will hold a press conference to present their project to the Guinean nation.

Bamba Makia’s exemplary behavior and dedication to her goals have won over her family’s hearts.

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