Natasha-Joan Mapulanga: Miss World Zambia 2023 Biography

Natasha-Joan Mapulanga

Natasha-Joan Mapulanga is a 26-year-old beauty queen who was recently crowned Miss World Zambia 2022.

Natasha-Joan Mapulanga Biography

Natasha-Joan Mapulanga hails from Lusaka, Zambia, and is known for her drive to achieve her goals.

She is an International Relations & Development Analyst who graduated from Mulungushi University in Kabwe, Zambia in November 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in international relations and development.

Natasha Joan Mapulang Miss Zambia
Natasha Mapulanga

Natasha-Joan Mapulanga Achievements

Natasha has a rich pageantry history. She was previously crowned Miss Teen Zambia 2013 and Miss Freedom Zambia 2014 first princess. In 2014, she competed in Miss Zambia 2014 and finished as second runner-up to Michelo Malambo.

In 2016, she won the Miss Heritage Zambia title and went on to represent Zambia at Miss Heritage Global 2016-2017, where she finished in the Top 15 and won the Cooking Award. In 2019, she competed in Miss Universe Zambia 2019, but did not make it to the Top 3.

Natasha Mapulanga

Natasha-Joan Mapulanga At Miss Zambia

On June 11, 2022, Natasha represented Central Province at the Miss Zambia 2021/22 pageant held at the Best Western Plus Lusaka Hotel.

She competed against eight other finalists and was crowned Miss Zambia 2021/22. Joyce Mwansa and Naboonga Mulenga were named the first and second princesses, respectively.

As Miss Zambia 2021/22, Natasha will represent her nation at the upcoming Miss World pageant. She is excited to showcase the beauty and diversity of her country to the world.

She believes that Central Province is significant in Zambia’s history and considers it the brain place of the national movement party.

Natasha is a determined and accomplished individual who has proven herself in the pageantry world. She is a great ambassador for Zambia and will undoubtedly represent her nation with grace and poise at the Miss World 2022 pageant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the current Miss World Zambia?

Miss World Zambia 2022 is Natasha-Joan Mapulanga from Lusaka.

Has Zambia ever won Miss World?

No, Zambia is yet to win a Miss World beauty pageant title.

Images: Kind courtesy of Natasha Mapulanga Social Media Accounts

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